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Word Search Cultures Global

4.6 ( 7216 ratings )
Games Onderwijs Trivia Woorden
Developer: Christian Liang
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Word search games also know as word find games are popular for helping students recognize words.
In searching for words, the students seem to read and memorize the words in a way that they enjoy and which helps them learn the words and their spelling.
Enjoy hours of fun with the classic game of word search.

This game theme revolves around world cultures. In the 20th century, "culture" emerged as a central concept in anthropology,
encompassing the range of human phenomena that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance.

This game includes the different cultures as in food, dress, capital, currency, landmarks, sports,
festivals, and other things that make each country unique/famous.
This game is packed with over a thousand words with unlimited puzzles with no puzzle being the same. You will learn the worlds culture as you play the game.

countries included...
Afghanistan,Albania,Argentina,Armenia,Australia,Belgium,Bolivia,Brazil,Cambodia,Cameroon,Canada,China,Columbia,Croatia,Cuba,Denmark,Egypt,England,France,Germany,Greece,Holland,HOng Kong,India,Indonesia,Iran,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Kenya,Korea,Madagascar,Malaysia,Mexico,Mongolia,Morocco,Myanmar,Nepal,New Zealand,Nigeria,Norway,Pakistan,Paraguay,Peru,Philippinese,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Rwanda,Scotland,Serbia,Singapore,South Africa,Spain,Sri Lanka,Sudan,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan,Thailand,Tunisia,Turkey,Ukraine,Uruguay,United States,Uzbekistan,Venezuela,Vietnam,Wales,Zimbabwe